Over my last few articles, one of the more common comments I’ve received is people wondering
why anyone would fall for Meghan Markle’s stories – where she paints herself as the
ultimate victim.
It seems to me that Meghan’s woeful tales are very similar to Amber Heard’s when she
first accused of Johnny Depp of domestic violence.
When the details first surfaced, and Amber showed supposed bruises from his treatment
of her, everyone believed it.
Online mobs called for Johnny Depp’s cancellation, and subsequently he was fired from the Fantastic
Beasts and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.
So why did this happen, and why is it happening again in the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
situation, where people are going as far as to setup a Gofundme to help the couple pay
for their multi-million dollar home?
So there’s this way of thinking that’s been on the rise in America for the last few

It’s called Post-modernism and it directly relates to Woke and Cancel culture.
Now stay with me for a second because understanding this philosophy really helped understand why
people are rushing to defend Meghan.
Post modernists believes that every relationship is built on power, and can be broken down
into one person being the oppressor, and the other the victim.
So based on this understanding, it stood to reason that one of the most powerful families
in the World, would bully and oppress a mixed race woman from relatively humble beginnings.
Just like it made sense that a rich white world famous celebrity like Johnny Depp would
victimize his petite wife.
And this is exactly what Amber Heard was counting on.
When Johnny Depp was confronting her for using physical violence against him, she blatantly
said that no one was going to believe him.
Post modernists rush to defend the victim in any situation, and stop the oppressor.
This is why cancelling someone has become a common occurrence, since people band together
to end the injustice that they’re causing.
And they have a preconceived notion of who is the victim in any situation.
For example – if you’re a woman, or a colored woman, or a bisexual colored woman – well
your case of being a victim becomes stronger and stronger with every checked box.
And because this philosophy looks at things in a pretty black and white way – Victim good,

oppressor bad, people who believe in this rush to present themselves as victims, so
they don’t suffer the consequences of being oppressors.
This is why we’ve seen such a rise in people arguing against white privilege and highlighting
their own feelings of victimization.
Another interesting aspect of this ideology is that the individual doesn’t exist.
According to Postmodernism we don’t think for ourself.
We instead are the sum of our upbringings and the result of ongoing brainwashing by
whoever is in power.
People who break out of their cultural brainwashing are “Woke”.
The rest of us are asleep.
It’s because of this ideology that people believe that if you criticize Meghan Markl
and defend the Royal Family, you’ve been brainwashed by Colonialism.
This is also why there is no more tolerance for differing opinions.
Remember when people used to say “It’s a free country and that’s your opinion”
and agree to disagree and move on? That’s become more and more rare now, because of the idea that the wrong opinion is going

to create oppression, and therefore must be stomped out, due to a belief that ideas and
opinions can be inherently violent.
The post modernist solution to the idea of violent ideas has been to create safe spaces
where differing ideas are kicked out.
Okay, why am I telling you all this?
Well because post modernism is on the rise in American popular culture right now, it
stands to reason that we should analyze what it is, so we can understand it.
This is the culture war that we’re all caught up in – and it’s between people who believe
In the individual and their ability to think and react and on the other side are the post
modernists that see us all as brainwashed people that need to be educated.
After the Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aired, Piers Morgan debated
the various details that came out of the interview with his Good morning Britain co-host Susana

Reid as well as Alex Beresford.
One of points they argued about was the truth – that Archie was not denied his title of
Prince because of his color, but because of the law.
The same reasons that other great grand children of the Queen did not get titles of Prince
and Princess unless they are in the direct line of succession.
While arguing this point, Piers insisted that they get down to the truth.
But both Susana and Alex counter argued not with fact but with Meghan’s truth.
This is another Post Modern idea, that truth is relative, and a personal experience.
That’s why people use the phrase of “speak your truth” or “it’s
her truth” and not THE truth.
I can completely understand Piers Morgans frustration since the three of them fundamentally disagree on the concept of what is a fact and what is a perception of a fact.
Now here’s why I think this ideology is flawed.
While it is based on a desire to promote justice, and prevent people from being mistreated,
it can be easily misled by people like Amber Heard that know that because they’re female,
they can cultivate a narrative of victim hood and thus garner everyone’s sympathies but
also have their enemy (in this case Johnny Depp) completely destroyed by the mob.
In this situation, Johnny was able to show the world the truth, thankfully, but it’s
still been an uphill battle for him, and in the meantime he has lost so much.
So a philosophy meant to seek out justice, manages to create even more injustice for
one singular reason and that is that it puts your tribe – your gender, you culture, your

race, your sexual preference, your gender identity above you as an individual.
So people decide if you’re good or bad, not based on who you are and what you’ve
done but because of your group identity
This is why people are not willing to cast doubt at Meghan’s story – because her action
as an individual are irrelevant, the truth is irrelevant – because her group identity
puts her in the victim category, and “her truth” backs that up.
I don’t believe any justice can be attained like this.
Instead of us being held responsible for our actions, we are lumped in with groups that
could be oppressive or oppressed, and it changes our entire sense of self from being judged
on the contents of our character, to being judged by the color of our skin.
It’s also a very cynical ideology in the way that it characterizes every relationship
– between father-son, teacher-student, Boss-employee into a power play.
And that the only way to be is to either feel angry for being victimized or guilty for being
In their definition, there is no idea of fair play, of fair trade, fair wins and losses.
Of the individual making the best of their situation, without complaint, without getting
sympathy, but instead working hard, learning lessons, and growing into their full potential.
No, to post modernism – There is only oppression.
Well what do you guys think?
Does the post modernism way of thinking make sense to you?
And if not, how do you end up arguing with it?
Let me know in the comments!
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