There has been a lot going on lately in this ongoing war between

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vs. the Royal Family.
For a long time, the Royal Family maintained their time tested maxim of “Never complain,
never explain” but no more.
The family is fighting back, and Meghan Markle’s game is not just revealed, but also falling
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In previous videos, I’ve made assumptions when it comes to Meghan’s goals.
We’ve talked about her desire for power, for influence, for adulation.
But thanks to Lady Colin Campbell, we finally have the specifics of what Meghan is after.
Now if you’re wondering why I don’t attribute any of this to Prince Harry, it’s because
I strongly believe that Harry is a pawn in his wife’s game.
I have a few videos about this so take a look here.
To me this is all Meghan’s game, and Harry is a willing participant.
Recently, Lady C revealed that in front of someone she knows, Meghan once said – “We’re
one plane crash away from the Throne.”
Ooff – I’ll let that sink in for a second, because when I first heard that, I was shocked.
Meghan Markle is talking about her husband’s father, his brother, and possibly her nieces


and nephews.
Now I’m sure some people will say maybe this didn’t really happen.
Honestly, I trust Lady C because of her track record, her connections, and because of how
measured she is in the way she offers information as well as her own opinions.
This is also why Lady C has become the greatest ally and voice of the Royal Family.
As she recently explained, the firm is leaking information to her since it would be undignified
for the Queen or the royals to fight back openly.
She has also revealed that Meghan is actively blackmailing Prince Charles, threatening to
destroy his and Prince William’s reputations so that they are deemed unfit for the throne.
Her main reason for this blackmail?
She wants princely titles for both of her children.
The fact that all this information is coming out is bad news for Meghan, since she was
heavily counting on the historical tendency of the Royal Family to grit and bear their

critics in silence.
But clearly the family has been pushed too far.
So, the flood gates have been opened.
And the tide is turning.
And here’s why.
We the public have suspected Meghan of being a lot of things – two faced, manipulative,
opportunistic, a bully, but that’s all we’ve had – our suspicions based on whispers, rumors,
or our assessment of how she’s treated her family and discarded people in her past.
But the Royal Family’s decision to fight back has given us the much needed confirmation.
Confirmation that a dossier of distress was presented to Prince William about Meghan’s
treatment of royal staff.
Confirmation that Harry and Meghan were ousted from Kensington Palace by Prince William after
he received reports of Meghan’s bullying of staff.
Confirmation that the Queen was not consulted before her personal nickname, the nickname
her late husband used for her, was used for naming Harry and Meghan’s baby girl.
Confirmation that Meghan is after the throne and titles after all.
Now why is more and more of the public believing the Royal Family instead of Meghan?
I would imagine that this is the biggest surprise to meghan herself.
She must be wondering why her popularity isn’t increasing?
Why isn’t she being hailed as the multi-cultural, boundary breaking Queen she believes she is?
She’s certainly done her best to present herself as the victim of a powerful family
a victim of the press, of cyber bullying and trolling, of mental health issues and
The language from Harry and Meghan has been very victim bound – Meghan crying while she’s
breast feeding Archie, Meghan suicidal while she’s pregnant with Archie, Meghan crying
in the middle of the night while Pregnant with Lily.
So why don’t we believe her?
Well, it’s because Meghan miscalculated.
She believed her influence over the people of America and the UK would be more over powering
than the truth.
The story of the victim is really tempting to believe.
We are in a time where people are determined to stomp out racism, sexism, and any sort
of tyrannical behavior.
And had Meghan played the game better, then maybe she would be gaining in popularity rather
than declining.
What’s tripped up her story are all the inconsistencies.
She claimed she never looked Prince Harry up, and didn’t know much about him, and
her childhood friend confirmed her to be a Diana enthusiast, and even wore her perfume
to their first date.
Also, what sane person would believe that a grown woman wouldn’t look her famous boyfriend
She said she wants privacy, and yet, hires the paparazzi for photos all the time.
She hires a PR team that puts out 3-4 stories a week.
She says they don’t care about titles, yet constantly uses her title for any financial
venture she participates in.
They claim that Archie didn’t receive a title because of his color, but later explains
that they turned down a title because it had the word “Dumb” in it.
She says she feels betrayed by her father for selling her to the press, and yet, she
leaked her private letter to him to the press through her friends.
And not to mention the many lies from the Oprah interview.


Look we’re not stupid.
We as human beings look for consistency, in character, in a person doing what they say.
Consistency of actions and words is what helps us decide if we can trust someone.
And while Narcissists can gain initial trust and love, they struggle to maintain it as
time passes.
That’s because narcissists are doing and saying whatever is needed in the moment to
achieve their goals, including lying.
An interesting lie that Meghan told during the oprah interview was about the details
of their supposed small wedding 3 days prior to the big public wedding.
Well why lie about this since it was easily refuted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Well it’s because in the moment, Meghan was trying to convince Oprah and her viewers
that they’re a down to earth couple, they don’t care about all this pomp and circumstance.
But the lie is so easy to double check, and refute, but this is the mistake the Narcissist.

They think that they can sell their version of the truth.
And of course, in the instances that people question their lies, the narcissist goes on
the offensive and claims to be victimized, bullied, or trolled.
They also try to gain trust and influence by character trait acquisition, pretending
to be whatever is needed in the situation.
But as time passes their facade slips – especially around people they consider to be beneath
them – i.e. staff.
As the narcissists influence and position grows, they become tired of maintain their
facade, and it starts to slip further and we start to see the real person behind their
very carefully cultivated mask.
And that’s exactly what happening now.
Despite Meghan’s claims that the palace never protected her, I think they protected
her quite a bit.
And now we’re seeing all those stories coming out that the Palace kept under wraps for the
sake of protecting her and Harry’s reputation.
As my brother put it, Meghan Markle is playing the game of thrones.
While she was accepted into the fold, into one of the oldest institutions, and most importantly
into her husband’s family, Meghan instead eyed her path to the throne.
Either by tragedy, or by destroying the reputations of her father in-law and brother in-law by
threatening to call them racist, if they don’t give her what she wants.
And she thought she could sway public perceptions to suit her ambitions.
She thought she could shift public loyalty in her favor and against the family.
But that’s the biggest flaw in a narcissists game – they’re so blindly convinced that.


they are the most intelligent, most capable, and most charismatic person in the world,
that they can outsmart, take control, and manipulate everyone around them.
And that’s why a narcissists game completely falls apart.
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