Meghan markle for 2024 Presidency,
Is it ever Going To Be Possible To Have Meghan markle Take That Position??

but i want to talk about something that is  
incredibly important to me and I think  to all of you as well – and that is the  
importance of the press and public serving as a  check on people that are trying to gain power.
After the Oprah Winfrey interview  with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,  
there’s been quite a fall out.  With on air explosive arguments,  
Piers Morgan walking off set mid show,  and “the talk” being put on hiatus.
And one thing is becoming very obvious to all  of us which is that people are very afraid to  
share their true opinions, out of fear that  they’ll have the twitter version of a pitch  
fork wielding mob on them in no time, and they’ll  be carried off to the stake and get cancelled.
Except for Sky new Australia. Honestly,  

they speak so intelligently and candidly – I have  enjoyed their coverage of the Oprah Interview.
But it’s the fear of getting  cancelled that made Sharon Osborne  
absolutely lose it at her Cohost on The Talk.
And now, stories about Sharon  Osborne’s problematic behavior  
is being raised from the dead  and showcased everywhere.
I don’t have a problem with people calling our  Sharon for racism, but what I care about is why.
Sharon repeatedly said that  she didn’t agree with Pier’s  
but that she was defending his right to speak.
As a result, she’s now been effectively silenced.
Piers Morgan, a journalist, who  is paid to think critically,  
to participate in a discussion of opposing  view points, and argue facts and opinions,  
came under fire for sharing his thoughts.

It seems Meghan Markle exercised her  vast sphere of influence and called ITV  
and demanded that Piers Morgan apologize. 
Piers refused, and walked out.
And that’s what really  concerning about this situation,  
that voices of dissension are being silenced.
If you like Meghan, or you don’t like Meghan,  it’s all good. I don’t hate her, I don’t know her,  
and I don’t have a personal vendetta against her.  What I see, however, is that she publicly displays  
a lot of problematic behavior  that is emblematic of what’s  
seriously wrong with American society today. And  that is that accusations of sexism and racism,  
and perpetuating personal victimhood get used  by powerful people as an impenetrable shield,  
making it impossible for us to question them,  to question their motives, and their goals.
That if I on this channel question what  she’s doing then I must be jealous of her,  

if not a racist. If Piers questions  her accusations of racism, which  
she made without following up with any  fact, then he must be salty about her  
ghosting him after their brief friendship. And if Sharon Osborne defends her friends  
right to speak, she’s not defending his  opinion,but just his right to give one,  
then she must be a racist, and here, here  are the instances of all of her racism.
Meanwhile, what about Meghan’s behavior? What  about the instances of her bullying staff,  
throwing fits about accommodations,  

and yet pretending to be powerless when she  is one of the more powerful women of our age.
And don’t get me wrong, women in power  is not a bad thing. But a woman in power  
that cannot be questioned, that cannot  be criticized – that is the problem.
And that is the role of the press, the  news, and people in general. We accept  
that power has to be handed to a few choice  people, but in exchange of that power we all  
agree that we are allowed to criticize  them, as a check against that power.
Meghan sells her victimhood and powerlessness  really well. Even when Harry tries to say  
during the interview that she showed him  he was trapped, and that she saved him,  
she rushes in to disagree, and  say that he actually saved her.
But Meghan is a powerful woman, and i know  that’s just the most wonderful thing to say  
to today about any woman. But that’s not how I  mean it, I don’t mean it in the Yass queen kind  

of what – but instead that she has a title,  she has a position, she has powerful friends,  
and connections, and she has money. 
And yet, she wants us to think of her as a  
helpless victim so that we don’t pay attention  to all this power and influence that she has.

The Oprah interview itself seems to her her firing  back at the Royal Family for not giving into her  
and Harry’s demands regarding their positions and  titles and patronages. Because whey were these  
instances of racism, and her mental health issues  never mentioned before? Never once mentioned for 
the year they’ve been out of the family, nor in  Finding Freedom, a book that they helped right?
So why now, why is this coming out now? 
And when Prince Harry himself has had  
a therapist, so has Prince Charles, so  had Diana, so had Princess Margarett,  
why would Meghan be denied one? Why would Harry  not be able to demand one for her as the grandson  
of the queen, especially since he said during the  interview that he has a great relationship with  
his grandmother. He is clearly one of the  more powerful members of the royal family,  
and has worked hard to spread mental health  awareness, but he wasn’t able to get her help?
Harry and Meghan are so helpless that  they couldn’t get help within the family,
but Meghan is so powerful that she could  demand an apology from Piers Morgan.
See how stuff just doesn’t add up?

And the result of the interview is  that Meghan and Harry’s popularity has  
plummeted in the U.K. which is to be expected.  But Meghan doesn’t care about that. What she’s  
after is to gain the trust and support of  the American population. And it seems to  
have worked. I mean why wouldn’t they love a mix  raced woman who survived mental health issues,  
racisms, and bullying, and yet broke  free from the British Royal family.
After many law suits, the British press seem  to be toeing a very careful line with Meghan,  
meanwhile a majority of the American  press is already on her side,  

ready for their marching  orders. Which is concerning.
Here’s what I’m working for – in  case you’re curious. I want to be  
able to question Meghan’s behavior,  not as a woman, not as a black woman,  
but as a human being, who has the ability  to influence people, to influence opinions,  
has the power to silence people, and the resources  and connections to run for political office.
That’s been the most interesting and concerning  news to follow the interview itself, that Meghan  

Markle is speaking with top members of the  Democratic party, and eyeing a Presidential run.
Now, as a citizen of this incredible country,  I want to be able to look at her behavior,  
and see if she is what she says she is, or if  she is only selling us this victim hood story,  
to not only form a shield around her, but call on  a legion of people that will defend her to no end,  
that will cancel her detractors, and pave an  
easy road for her to that coveted  seat of power. The White House.


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